Months ago I updated my old blog to WordPress 4.2.1, and it got into some problems and no longer function. Finally I fixed it yesterday and found it might be some incompatibility with my 5-year-old theme.

Yeah, time flies.

Weeks ago I started looking for a new job, which I hope I will love. And of course some HR asked if I write blogs. I said yes but my blog was down.

It was down for months. And I was actually okay with that.

I wrote less and less posts these years, not because I didn't want to share my thoughts any more, but because I was not able to find things that I believe valuable to share.

Years ago I wrote posts almost everyday, recording my life and the progresses learning new things.

Then I stopped. I started to think and reflect much more on myself, and try to become a wise person:

Self Portrait

I gave myself much more restrictions and made myself smaller and smaller.

Still, I don't know whether this is the best path. Though I believe:

Every path is the right path. Everything could've been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.

Mr. Nobody

Years went by, I am no long who I used to be. It's good, it's bad. I would sometimes doubt the posts written years ago: Was I really that naive back to the age? Or on the other hand: What a genius I was.

So I decided to start at new place with nothing from my old blog. I still haven't get the hint of what I could share, but soon or later, more or less, time will tell.